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Significant events in the Company's business are set out below:

October 1977 Acquisition of Sangsom Co.,Ltd. to produce Sangsom rum
May 1983 Successfully bid for concessions offered by the Government to build and operate 12 distilleries in Thailand
April 1986 Spirits business was merged with Sura Maharasadorn Group
July 1988 Acquisition of Red Bull Distillery (1988) Co.,Ltd.
May 1994 Bang Ban brewery commenced operations
March 1995 Joint Venture between Carlsberg A/S and Chang Beer was launched in Thailand
July 1998 Acquisition of United Winery and Distillery Co.,Ltd
December 1998 Chang Beer became a market leader with approximately 54% market share of beer produced in Thailand
July 1999 Acquisition of Bang Ban brewery from joint venture with Carlsberg A/S
January 2000 Acquisition of 12 distilleries from the Government
October 2001 Kampaengphet brewery commenced operations
August 2002 Acquisition of Thai Alcohol Public Company Limited
October 2003 Thai Beverage was established as a holding company for all the subsidiaries
June 2004 Expansion of Kamphaengphet brewery commenced
May 2006 Thai Beverage successfully listed in the SGX-ST
October 2006 Acquisition of distillery assets from Sin Surang Karn Sura Co.,Ltd.
October 2006 Acquisition of PSUK, acquisition of BSHK
September 2007 Acquisition of United Products Company Limited and SPM Foods and Beverages Company Limited
January 2008 Acquisition of energy drink and ready-to-drink coffee assets from Wrangyer Beverage Company Limited
Sep-Nov 2008 Acquisition of 43.9% of Oishi in Sept; 89.9% following a tender offer in Nov, for a total cost of 6.24 billion Baht
November 2009 Acquisition of Yunnan Yulinquan Liquor in China
October 2011 Acquisition of 64.66% of equity interest of Sermsuk Public Company Limited
February 2012 Acquisition of 28.6% of Fraser and Neave, Limited shares
September 2013 ThaiBev was bestowed a royal warrant by King Bhumibol Adulyadej
November 2014 ThaiBev unveiled "Vision 2020", a six-year strategic roadmap for the Group's companies
August 2015 Chang Beer's 20th Anniversary introduced a new look of "Chang Classic Beer" in emerald green bottle
April 2016 Food of Asia Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ThaiBev, entered into a 70-30 joint venture with Mei-Xin (International) Limited to incorporate Max Asia Co., Ltd, which engages in the bakery business in Thailand
July 2016 ThaiBev joined the Pracharath Project, which is a collaboration between the Thai government, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Thai Industries, and the Thai Bankers’ Association, to drive the economy on both national and provincial levels
September 2016 ThaiBev was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) family, becoming a component of the DJSI Emerging Markets Indexs
September 2016 “Rock Mountain”, a soda water produced at lower temperatures using cold infusion technology to better retain the fizziness of the beverage, was introduced into the market
February 2017 ThaiBev relaunched “Federbräu”, positioning it as the first and only beer in Thailand which uses high-quality single malt from a single source in Germany. It also sports a new look, with packaging inspired by German Bauhaus art
March 2017 ThaiBev introduced “Chang” mineral water, which uses water from a natural aquifer in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province purified by a three-stage filtration system. It is packaged in emerald green bottles and has been certified by NSF International, an institute headquartered in the United States of America, as a product that complies with all standard requirements related to food and water manufacturing processes
March 2017 ThaiBev installed a new Crystal drinking water production line at the Nateechai Plant in Suratthani province to meet consumer demand in the South. This follows the installation of a production line at the Kankwan Plant in Khon Kaen province in mid-2016
May 2017 ThaiBev expanded the cold aseptic filling production (CAF 4) and bottling line at the Oishi Plant in Saraburi province. The line now utilizes “Blow - Aseptic Fill Block” technology, which can mould bottles into various shapes and sizes; and also leverages robotics to increase the speed and accuracy of the production process while reducing cost
September 2017 ThaiBev was included in the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) as a constituent of the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Emerging Markets Index
October 2017 ThaiBev acquired a 76% stake in Spice of Asia Co., Ltd., a company which operates several hotpot and Thai cuisine restaurants
October 2017 ThaiBev acquired a 75% stake in Myanmar Supply Chain and Marketing Services Co., Ltd. and Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd., which is the largest whisky player in Myanmar
November 2017 ThaiBev entered the premium white spirits market with the launch of “Ruang Khao Silver”, which uses international-standard ingredients, manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as modern packaging
November 2017 ThaiBev revamped the packaging of “Blend 285” and “Blend 285 Signature”, uplifting their image as premium international brands to win the hearts of more consumers
December 2017 ThaiBev completed the acquisition of 252 KFC franchises in Thailand from Yum Restaurants International (Thailand)
December 2017 ThaiBev acquired a 53.59% stake in Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (“Sabeco”), a leading beer producer in Vietnam.
September 2018 ThaiBev recognized as Global Beverage Industry Leader in Dow Jones Sustainability (DJSI) World Index and Emerging Market Index